Bonus Vault
My IM Launch-Jacking Adventure

      The good old header graphic for my ‘bonuses page’ when I was doing that good old affiliate marketing and so-called ‘launch jacking’ πŸ˜€

πŸ’ I first learned about launch jacking from Jono Armstrong through his '$0-To-$100-In-24-Hours' program. I did not make $100 straightaway (and now I believe I know why) but I made $96.70 πŸ˜€

Later, I applied what I learned and got on the leaderboard of a reputed vendor and product creator. I was not in the 'Top Three' so nothing to brag about big-time - but it was the first time I got on a leaderboard of a Warrior-Plus promotion.  That will be another subject I plan to talk about some other day.

Anyhow, besides ranking high - like 'No. 1 Page 1' - on Google and YouTube for 'review videos', 'launch jacking' depends a lot on 'bonuses' - the type of bonuses affiliates offer on top of the bonuses that the product vendor may be including.

πŸ‘‰ Briefly, given a choice between buying from an affiliate with just a vendor's product and another affiliate who promotes that SAME product but the latter affiliate includes the 'extras' via offering free 'bonuses', most buyers would go for the so-called 'get more of your money's worth' addition.

πŸ‘‰ The subject of 'bonuses' had become a serious topic for affiliates hoping to attract would-be buyers.  Even to the extent of someone mentioning that 'other' bonus offers may consist of 'crap'. I don't want to go further into that here. And some big time 'guru' has a chapter about the use of bonuses like it has become a science.

πŸ‘‰ The words 'bonus war' started entering posts and chats over the internet. So-called crap or not crap (quality) 'extras', bonuses has been proven or touted to make the difference between capturing a sale and losing out to the other affiliate who had not only included bonuses but also selected relevant, quality and valuable items.

πŸ’– I started off those early days of affiliate marketing sometimes not offering bonuses at all or offering one or two. I had thought that people buy:

β—Ό from people they know and like (and that is true) but . . .
β—Ό yea, they also buy because the 'extras' were there - especially when some affiliates offer really good bonuses that seem irresistible

Heck! πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈI have been guilty of buying the same product twice - yes! from 2 different affiliates - just because I really ('badly') wanted particular bonuses one affiliate has which the other did not offer and vice versa.

πŸ”₯ I will be parking all my selected bonuses here. It will be a work in progress because: remember I said if there was going to be a continued bonus war, I have over 600* (I stopped counting!) too many to select from.

Some items I have paid for (I bought with Resell and/or Giveaway Rights) and some I get (as bonuses!) from products I purchased. 'Over 600' is a fact and possibility.  *you know how and where to get or buy giveaway stuff if you have been 'on internet' for some time already.

🌼 Stay with 'Life Begins At 5 pm' ... not just to get the bonuses (if you like) but to read the free magazines (and I hope get some good ideas on MMO / online income) AND very possibly pick up some good information on resources too

Please use an email you have regular access to. 'Cos that is where I will send you passwords, download links and/or updates at your request and if you have requested

🌼 If I am promoting any affiliate products, there will be specially selected (relevant-to-product) items as bonuses and they will most likely be parked on a password-protected section of my site here. And I usually attach the access link to the vendor receipt page anyway