BioLink Hub

   example of a bio link landing page

What is a ‘Bio Link’ hub?

This is called by various names by different vendors. Let’s see how it works …

🤷🏻‍♀️You can add only one link at e.g. your Instagram bio – correct? You can’t have multiple links going to different things. But, you can have many url’s or multiple links on the page where your ‘bio’ link opens to! 🤭

Basically, a ‘bio link’ hub is a ‘one-stop’ one-page list of links to all your favorite or important sites. See my own ‘table‘ version below – sample not fully populated with links yet. I wanted to use pictures too!

I have called it BioLink Hub back in June 2019 and I wanted mine to be pictorial too! There are of course ‘sophisticated’ versions with supporting features e.g. InstaBio Builder by Able Chika. See his typical ‘landing page’ below the following ‘table’

My ‘tabulated’ version:
(not yet fully populated with ‘pictorial’ links)

Click here for a demo view of how this looks when e.g. a link is clicked from an Instagram bio or a link e.g. placed in the Facebook bio box

Here’s a typical InstaBio version ‘landing page’:

Check it out here 👆🏻